Fava (Broad) Beans - how to cook fresh fava beans

Yes I know broad beans, 扁豆 (Bian Dou). I made Stir Fry Broad Beans previously, and tried my friend's version of Mushy Broad Beans.

No, I don't know Fava beans. BUT...but...fava beans ARE broad beans. Oh, ok. Putting it clearly - I don't know fresh fava beans (in a pod). Those broad bean I have tried were all frozen beans.

I was glad when I saw fresh fava beans recently. This time I am not giving them a miss! They look like gigantic snow peas or snap peas! I know how to deal with them.

But. No. I don't.

Fava (broad) beans have similar nutritional benefits (source of protein, fiber, potassium) like the other common beans and are good sources of folate. They also contain levodopa (L-dopa), a chemical that the body uses to produce dopamine (the neurotransmitter associated with the brain's role in behavior and cognition, sleep, mood, and learning).

Have you tried Fresh Fava (Broad) Beans before?

After doing the much needed "research", on how to deal with these beans, i.e: (1) remove the beans from the pod, (2) blanch the beans, (3) remove the outer pale-green (shell) layer of the bean; I did just that.

I'm a bean in a shell in a pod. Boy, I am shy...I need to hide.

Fresh Fava Beans to be shared with folks at Weekend Herb Blogging - WHB#280 (April 18th to April 24th) with our host, Haalo, from Cook Almost Anything

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