Arugula "some salad greens are more equal than others"

What?? Arugula contains about 8x more calcium; 5x more Vitamin A, C and K; 4x more iron than iceberg lettuce (Source: Well, I thought most salad greens are equal. Apparently not. Some salad greens are more equal than others. Arugula as salad green packs power !!

I usually don't care much for salad greens such as lettuce in terms of nutrient density.

Boy am I late! I should have tried arugula (also called rocket, or roquette) much earlier. Well, I mean I may have tried arugula before, in salad bowls; but never have I tried incorporating arugula as part of my meals.

It has a peppery, mustard kick with a slight bitterness. Younger leaves, known as baby arugula, are more tender and less pungent than the more mature greens.

Similar to Kale and Spinach, arugula provides a healthy range of carotenoids - beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, with their roles as antioxidants, in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and muscular degeneration.

Oh boy oh boy am I late! But better late then never.

How do you usually eat your Arugula?

I am sharing Arugula at Weekend Herb Blogging #285 - May 23rd to May 29, hosted by Graziana of Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs)

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