Baked Sardines Minimalist Recipe (garlic, cilantro, tomatoes)

Can you see I am sardine-crazy? ;p

bottom to top: Brunswick Sardines, Wild Planet Wild Sardines (in BPA-free can), Crown Prince Brisling Sardines

Lots of garlic, fresh tomatoes, sardines* (comes in a tin), bake in the oven, drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil, garnish generously with finely chopped cilantro...

then "everything" on the bread toast. Wait wait wait! You have heard and seen this before?!?!? The toast thingy?


Before slathering the "sardines-mash" on the bread, you have the other option to toss them with pasta.

Kinda late? You have already enjoyed your sardine sandwich. Make it again, another time!


Lots of thinly sliced garlic, diced tomatoes, sardines (comes in a tin), some finely chopped cilantro, bake in the oven 375F 10-15mins, drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil, garnish generously with more finely chopped cilantro.

*Cooking Notes: I have tried Crown Prince Natural One Layer Brisling Sardines in Water, 3.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) (about $3.50/tin in Whole Foods Market or Sprouts Farmer's Market) and Brunswick Sardines In Spring Water, 3.75 Ounce Tins (Pack of 25) (about $1.29/tin in Trader Joes).

Oh, I have to say, the Brisling Sardines smell and taste so much better with delicate (smokey) flavor. Price for quality, I must say. I have also bought the Wild Planet - Wild Sardines in Spring Water / 12 pack after reading from that the canned fishes (tuna, sardines, salmon) come in BPA-free can. I have not done a taste-test on these canned sardines though. Can't wait. Sharing these sardine-shopping tips with Tip Day Thursday.

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