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Growing up in Singapore, cereals and oats were never part of my breakfast routine. Pampered with fried bee hoon, fish ball noodles etc. Why do I need cereals and oats?

See? I am not a health freak (I eat chicken with the skin-on; and crispy pork lards).

So why do I need cereals and oats?

Absence (of cheap, good, convenience breakfast) makes the heart...well....look for something else.

Cereals and milk. A cold breakfast. Add cereals (or granola) in the bowl, pour milk over, eat it. Fast. Easy

But cold breakfast can be too cold for the body esp. during winter. Plus, when there was a time I was coughing for so long and had to avoid "cold" and chilled food for a while. It made more sense to make myself some warm oats. Now, when the weather has turned warmer, it's back to cold milk, oats (or granola, cereals) with all the in-season luscious strawberries!

It is not all the time that breakfast appears so pleasing. Typically, it appears as a big mash of "stuff" (oats, milk + supporting role of nuts, dried fruits, or a handful of trail mix)

Do you like your oats in thicker or thinner consistency ? What is your typical breakfast fare where you are staying?

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