Cleaning and Restoration of a Moldy Apartment

Now that our one-year lease for the apartment is up, we need to consider if we want to extend the lease. Though the apartment is small, we have got used to living in a small space. The only push-factor to move out is the mold observed at the edge of the windows in our apartment. The mold problem was more severe in winter when the outside temperature was relatively lower, and causing condensation on the windows. We may need professional help to remove the mold if it gets more serious. Living in a moldy house will make us sick.

We have seen homes that the mold issue is more severe - spreading to the carpet. The problem at our apartment has not come to this point of severity yet (and I hope it don't). My husband and I were discussing that we may need to clean up the apartment before returning to the landlord if we decide not to continue the lease. There comes another headache of finding professional cleaners to clean the apartment. We do want to return a clean apartment to the landlord as responsible tenants too.

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