Savory Tofu Pudding, Seaweed Steamed Tofu

This dish is almost effortless to prepare and very tasty considering the simplest ingredients being used. Taste is relative and subjective. Some like heavy rich flavors while other prefer mild, fresh, natural flavors. Both can be classified as tasty and delicious. So if you try this dish, I let you decide on the taste. Or try to imagine if you are not cooking it.

Steamed Tofu with Nori Seaweed (Nori Seaweed/Savory Tofu Pudding) - can absolutely be classified as savory tofu pudding/silky custard (豆花,豆腐花 in Mandarin; in Singapore/Malaysia, we call it Tau Huay - in Hokkien dialect).I did not start off with making savory tofu pudding in mind but the dish just turned out to be.

Expect the unexpected!

And for once, I don't have to focus so much and be gentle on slicing soft (silken) tofu! Just scoop the soft (silken) tofu from the package with a tablespoon and lay them in the serving bowl, filling the voids and spaces in the bowl.

Nori Seaweed/Savory Tofu Pudding
Ingredients: 1 pack soft (silken) tofu; a slice of tomato (garnish); few carrot matchsticks (garnish); gojiberries (garnish); drizzle of sesame oil + freshly ground white pepper; lots of nori seaweed (Note: came already in thin fine shreds, if using bigger sheets of seaweed, you can just tear them apart into fine pieces) to garnish the steamed tofu

Directions: Get ready the steamer. Scoop the soft (silken) tofu from the package with a tablespoon and lay them in the serving bowl, filling the voids and spaces in the bowl. Add the tomato ("fish head") and carrot matchsticks ("fish tail"), then drizzle of 1-2 drops of sesame oil + dash of freshly ground white pepper over the tofu. When steamer is ready, set the tofu dish to steam for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the tofu dish from the steamer, and sprinkle lots of nori seaweed over. 1-2 drops sesame oil  + freshly ground white pepper, if preferred. Finally garnish with organic gojiberries! (Note1: Hot steam from the steamed tofu will hydrate the nori seaweed and gojiberries at the same time!)

The nori seaweed adds a mild umami flavor to the dish, gojiberries a subtle sweetness, with the sesame oil and ground white pepper - aroma and spice. Plus, the smooth silky tofu! I absolutely love this!

The main cost is the tofu ~ USD1.00, with the miscellaneous cost of garnish and flavorings (not more than USD0.50). So let's say this dish cost USD1.50 to "build".

This tofu dish is the 2nd (and last) dish of May $20 Budget Meal - Specific Ingredient is Tofu/Beancurd, being served as a side-dish protein to complete the "one-pot" Vegetarian Simmered Somen Noodles. The entire meal (~USD6.00) serves two. No pressure on the wallet, no pressure on the body/health! How good...

Also sharing this with My Meatless Mondays, Hearth and Soul.

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