"Dirt" Shirred Eggs en Cocotte

I need a smaller ramekin.

I need more eggs.

I only have myself to blame for overlooking...the "problem".

The "proportion" problem.

Buttered the entire wall of the ramekin almost to the brim (which I should not have) but only added one egg which barely filled half the height of the ramekin. After baking in the oven, I got "dirt" shirred eggs! (look at the dirty "walls" of the ramekin!).

The recipe, adapted from Denise from Quickies on the Dinner Table's guest post at The Ardent Epicure was perfect - just my execution was not. Such is the kind of recipe I enjoy - making use of fresh and basic wholesome ingredients and voila, a delicious baked egg dish!

And such is the kind of recipe I adore - quick to inspire and nothing too dare-defying that prevents me from adapting and trying almost instantly.

The organic free range egg taste delicious ! What I have done differently: (1) using herbed-butter to butter up the ramekin, (2) use green onions as garnish and flavoring the dish.

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