Steamed Fava Beans & Mushrooms

Now that I am exposed!

Double exposed! What should I do?

I need to find somewhere to hide cos I'm shy. Let me ask my friends - garlic, fresh organic tree oyster mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil. We all agreed to a spa hideout - wrapped in a steam-bath for 5-8 minutes (till mushrooms exclaimed: "Woohooo, I'm done!").

Rejuvenated finally. Freshness in the pocket!

Now the real me speaks. There are certainly many simple ways to cook fresh fava beans and I have found my own simple way of enjoying them. This has been my favorite method to cook recently. Parchment-steaming! Yay! Fuss-free, simple, delicious creations always till I find something that do NOT work on parchment-steaming, and sure I will let you know.

Toss the steamed fava and fresh mushrooms into pasta - so delicate and delicious (cooking tip shared at Tip Day Thursday Carnival).

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