Custom-Made Scrub Uniforms

Aren't uniforms supposed to be uniform? Welcome to the world of customization, and well, consumer experience. Not o make a statement for the sake of making one; and more so for the consumer experience that the product is just made for them. Yes, even scrub uniforms can be custom-made. And you can find that at

Just recently, I was quite taken my surprise when I saw scrub uniforms sold in retail outlets (on-site) in the US. I don't recall uniforms, whether for school or for the medical profession being sold in retail stores back in Singapore. Usually, we have to head towards specialty stores to get our uniforms ordered and made.

It is indeed convenient for uniforms to be sold in retail stores and more so when we can order and purchase them online. Lab or medical coats, nursing and doctor uniforms, even green scrubs - the range is just what you need if you are in the profession. From the last time I popped by their site, a number of improvements have been done which made online shopping less of a hassle especially for online buyers. There is now a more detailed section on ordering information which includes shipping information, tracking orders, returns and exchanges.