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Will you be able to tell the focus and feature of today? The dip or the chips?

I don't really fancy dip for tortilla chips. In fact, I don't fancy tortilla chips as I am the potato-chips-kind-of-girl.

Tortilla chips or potato chips for you? 

But these Tostitos tortilla chips in artisan flavors and in 9-grain blend got me excited! When I saw Fire-Roasted Chipotle, raita (an Indian condiment made with yogurt) came instantly. Yes, raita. Not salsa. I have not tried that combination - tortilla chips with raita. And I have made salsa before, not raita. All these reasons got me started.

The thought of cooling yogurt to balance the mild heat of these chipotle tortilla chips....

What goes into my raita...

Toasted cumin seeds; finely chopped cilantro, plain whole yogurt, strawberries!

Don't rub your eyes. It's strawberries! I usually make do with what I have on-hand and what I think might work and it really worked!

Good quality yogurt. I am also not for 0% fat yogurt (or any diary), so I picked plain whole
milk yogurt - added some honey (your wish); or a basic honey greek yogurt may work too.

0% fat yogurt or plain whole yogurt for you?

These tortilla chips are really sturdy to carry the dip on its body!

So is it the dip or the tortilla chips? Both!

*The Tostitos were received as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thank you Foodbuzz and Tostitos..

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