Dried Fruits Salad - Arugula, Pepitas, Dried Fruits

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What am I doing with dried fruits in the start of summer? I should be indulging in juicy and plump peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, berries. Well I had this sometime back.

Also, naturally dried fruits (without preservatives such as sulphur dioxide) can be a good alternative to using fresh fruits in salads.

No juicy and plump fruits...but

Organic raisins, gojiberries, Turkish apricots, California apricots, pumpkin seeds (pepitas)...are healthy alternatives.

What's good about such a salad?

Keep them longer in the fridge without the salad turning limpy (and watery) due to the moisture from the fresh fruits...

and add them into sandwiches as a "filler"!

How cool!

Better still, you can roll (wrap) these little dried sweet gems with the arugula leaves and pop them into your mouth! Call it salad - snacking. :D

I am sharing this with June-Salads at Seaside Simplicity and Souper Sunday.

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