Parchment Salmon en Papillote

Yes I am in love! In love with parchment-cooking. Check out my second contribution to Basil Magazine June 2011 Issue - The Magic of Parchment Cooking.

With parchment-worthy vegetables, add more edamame or peas, then that ol' mighty wild salmon fillet - it is one full meal! You can also try Parchment-Cooked Cod - it's equally delicious, and succulent.

There is something so irresistible and alluring about parchment-cooking! ...the moisture and flavors get trapped within a shield, then unwrap!...and you get steamy fresh delicious flavors.

Though traditional "en papillote" mean baking, I prefer steaming these packets of goodness. I don't even have to care about setting a correct temperature during baking. Just let the natural laws of cooking do the cooking - time-controlled.

Well, I even parchment-cook chicken wings - what do you think? Am I not in love?

Cooking Notes: After the parcel is steamed (and food cooked), allow the parcel to rest for 5 minutes before opening the packet. This allows flavors and moisture to infuse and combine further.

Buying Tips: For the type of parchment paper, I always insist on If You Care 100% Unbleached Parchment Paper, 70-Foot Roll (Pack of 4) because it is unbleached.


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