Dumpling Sui Kow Soup, 水饺汤

Give me Wonton(云吞) - the kinda roundish thin-skinned dumpling, Sui Kow (水饺 - below) - the longish thin-skinned dumpling, Jiao Zi (饺子)- elongated thicker-skinned dumpling, Gyoza (锅贴) - pan-fried version of Jiao Zi (饺子); boiled, in soups, fried or pan-fried and I will take them ALL!

Which is your favorite?

I used to always prefer Sui Kow to Wontons because Sui Kow has more veggies such as woodear mushrooms and water chestnuts (adding that crunchy texture) in the dumpling filling versus the typically-meaty Wontons. However, since I learn the Shanghai Shepherds Purse dumplings (荠菜云吞)  - I have also totally enjoyed Wontons; those with a variety of different veggies such as mushrooms, Bok Choy, cabbage in the dumpling fillings.

Since I have attempted Wontons at home before, I am going to do something different today.

Sui Kow!

How good is that? It happens to be one of the recipes I tested (as a recipe tester) from the Easy Chinese Recipes Cookbook by Bee Yinn Low of RasaMalaysia.com. This Sui Kow recipe is easy to follow and I totally enjoyed it. You can have the Sui Kow in a soup/broth or alternatively...dunk them in a soup with egg noodless to enjoy some soupy Sui Kow Noodles.

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