Purple Sage Conscious Dining Menu

Half of 2011 is gone! How fast! And it's scary.

Anyway, it is never too early to plan...or maybe think of the major holidays in the second half of the year. To save the trouble of making reservations and eating out, why not consider a catering event at your own home? Don't forget: the $100off Menu Price voucher from Purple Sage is still available. To get a discount with Purple Sage; email: marketing@purplesage.com.sg with your particulars and QUOTE An Escape to Food by tigerfish -OR- 吃出健康 by tigerfish to receive this $100 discount. To find out more about the menu and/or to order, visit Purple Sage or call 6396 6990.

Just part of the Conscious Dining menu, courtesy of http://www.purplesage.com.sg/

Looking at the Conscious Dining menu and seeing produce (vegetables, fruits, beans) given the  attention they deserve, made me happy. I mean, how can these vegetable dishes be dull and flat esp. when herbs, and spices are used as marinades, dressings and seasonings - accentuating the fresh natural flavors of vegetables. Besides adding depth and create flavor profile in food - so that the same dish does not taste flat and full, herbs and spices can be the perfect seasoning for many recipes and dishes. Go look at the Conscious Dining menu for yourself and be excited by the interesting variety of healthy creations being offered in the menu.

There are also good sources of proteins (e.g. mushrooms, chicken, fish) offered in the menu. And I saw quinoa too!  Yes. The risen protein star with full range of amino acids (check out my version of Quinoa Salad featured at my blog recently).

Shed the perception that healthy menu is bland and boring, half the battle is already won.