Steamed Clams Capellini with Arugula

I am limited by the size of my kitchen, thus the number of pots and pans, bowls and plates I can own (no storage space!!!), resulting in minimalist fuss-free cooking most of the times.

Do you think you get more clams in the same exact serving bowl (that is used to serve steamed clams, shell-on) if I get the steamed clams out of their shells after I cook them?

Of course, I love love love enjoying clams shell-on, sipping away the last drop of gravy off the shells. This is more rustic and has that "fresh" appeal (I mean, it's shell-on!); while the other (removing steamed clams from the shells) is cleaner, neater, as fresh (since they are bought, shell-on) and probably more substantial from the clams aspect.

Anyway, the clams were cooked this same way (refer to Steamed Clams Angel Hair Aglio e Olio).

But this time, additional lemons (Meyer lemon preferred) were added to balance the brininess; and the dish also served with some gently steamed arugula (add that subtle peppery kick) to the dish.

Enjoy this light and tasty pasta dish. I am sharing this with Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Tandy at Lavender and Lime.

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