Egg-Wrapped Quinoa Salad

Oh not again!? Quinoa salad?!?!?!

What I like about quinoa salad is that I can have it slightly warm or cold - as I like it.

This is my twist on Japanese (Fusion cuisine) Omu-raisu (or Omelette Rice, 蛋包饭)- an omelette filled with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup.

I made Omelette Quinoa Salad - an omelette (or more accurately, a thin egg crepe) filled with warm quinoa salad.

Egg-Wrapped Quinoa Salad
Ingredients: Quinoa salad recipe here, 1 egg whisked seasoned with sea salt and pepper

Directions: Make the quinoa salad. Heat up cast-iron pan and ladle 1-2 scoops of whisked egg onto center of the pan then twirl the egg around such that the egg just covers the area of the pan (Note: The idea is to make the egg as thin as possible - almost like a crepe). Due to the thinness of the egg, it cooks almost instantly. Then remove the egg crepe from the pan and make the next batch. When the egg crepes has cooled, use them to wrap the quinoa salad into individual portions.

As this wrap is not a closed wrap like a burrito, it is slightly harder to have it on the go. Most of us actually enjoy omelette rice like an entree, with fork and spoon. It's up to your imagination or convenience how you wish to eat this. For me, I actually use my hands and shove the quinoa egg-roll into my mouth.

Uh-no, excuse me! So not lady-like.

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