Rosemary Thyme Garlic Roast Chicken 迷迭香百里香蒜味烤鸡

I look for simple (really simple) ideas when I go "blog-visiting". The Spanish -Style Baked Shrimps was one such example. Minimal is the key. Basic (minimal) ingredients, minimal prep. and minimal supervision during cooking. Plus, that "it-looks-darn-delicious-and-I-know-it-is" appeal. Also Steamed Singua - my vegetarian adaptation of another meat dish; and learning easy new techniques such as pulverizing the winter melon. Thanks, my blogger friends out there.

Often, these simple ideas serve as reminders too. When I saw this Rosemary Thyme Garlic Roast Chicken at Pig Pigs Corner, it kinda reminded me to make roast chicken...again. I have made roast chicken before, but not this way, not with this combination of herbs and aromatics.

So I got myself some organic chicken drumsticks, make a few slits on the thickest part of the chicken, prepare the dressing of herbs, aromatics, olive oil and honey. As I have a few varieties of honey at home - it's drizzle of clover honey with some Organic Wild Forest Raw Honey  - playing with the depth of sweetness in the savory of the roast chicken.

How many chicken drumsticks (of such size) can you eat as a serving? 

I can definitely do more than one. :D

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