Long Beans (Green Beans) Egg Fritters 豆角蛋

Long Bean Egg Fritters 豆角蛋 is one of my childhood favorites (side dishes) to eat with plain rice porridge. Even at a young age, plain rice porridge with side dishes has been my go-to comfort. Till now, I enjoy such a homey meal. The only flip side - to cook the entire meal by myself is sometimes a hassle as I have to cook 2-3 side dishes to go with plain rice porridge.

One easy side dish to whip up is definitely Long Bean Egg Fritters, or alternatively, Green Beans Egg Fritters (or Green Beans Open-Face Omelette.

This can also be one of the easiest sandwich filler to cook. Unlike spinach or tomatoes in an egg omelette, these egg fritters as sandwich fillers certainly do not turn mushy, and store well esp. for BYO lunch.

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