Steamed and Roasted Cabbage Two-Ways

Do food bloggers have bad days? YES YES YES. When a dish you made for the first time don't turn out as expected. When the day is dark and gloomy to take a decent photo (hey, I'm still using a point-and-shoot!, heavily depend on nature to help me).

Steamed Cabbage

For once, I am going to say - DON"T STEAM cabbage (steaming Napa cabbage is ok; but steaming cabbage does not work for me). The "grassy-chlorophyll" raw smell and taste is hard to rid of; and the sweetness of cabbage is not extracted to the fullest.

Thinly julienne cabbage to almost a slaw - steam or blanch till cabbage turns tender and are cooked through - drizzle miso + sesame oil + white pepper dressing over ==> Can't seem to get rid of the raw "grassy-chlorophyll" taste.

Stir-frying works better.

Hmmm....why. What does frying do? But coleslaw don't taste like that. Hmmm....

Roasted Cabbage food bloggers have good days?
YES YES YES. When the sun decide not to hide behind the clouds. When you realized the dish you made the first time did not come to expectation and you improvise the next day, finding ways to make the dish taste better - and it did taste better. Delicious in fact. Comes, roasting power.

Roasted Cabbage
Blanch. Drain well. Spread across wide flat roasting pan, add green onions, garlic, dashes of turmeric, coriander, red pepper, salt and pepper, butter or canola oil (your choice), roast for 20-30mins at 375F till caramelized. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

This is really good! The sweet char and caramelization, the spices aroma, the nutty toasted sesame seeds....

Delicious! And no sweat, really!

I'm sharing this with Weekend Herb Blogging #306 hosted by Susan from The Well Seasoned Cook.

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