Fundraising with See's Candies

It's time of the year again to show appreciation and gratitude to family, friends, loved ones. Give thanks, give See's. In California, what is better than gifts with taste and tradition that represent California as gifts to family and friends living overseas? Get the California Brittle - a special See's confection that is an inspired marriage of toffee brittle and a coating of smooth milk chocolate. That' just one idea.

The Chocolate Foil Leaves and Fall Harvest Box certainly speak Thanksgiving sweetness. There is also Christmas- and Hanukkah-themed gift ideas available. Talking about gifts, I recalled stuffing a stocking with little toys, candies, sweets, chocolates for my friend's three-year-old last year. Hmmm....maybe See's Candies Stocking Stuffers may partially do the trick this year. The Chocolate Santa Trio and Snowman Box are extremely cute. Certainly, if you do not like fancy chocolates as gifts, just stick to the traditional with peanut brittle as a good choice.

Do you know there are more than just gifts at See's Candies? Currently, you can even initiate Fundraising Programs with See's as your fund-raising solution. With See's established brand name, it is definitely an easy sell. As it is for a good cause, See's also offers support for your programs with FREE shipping (minimum order applies), and FREE pre-sell flyers, envelopes and bags to facilitate smooth sailing fund-raising efforts.