Healthy diet, exercise, good quality sleep - cheers to good health!

I had no choice but to stop my exercise (gym) routine when my elbow was injured two months ago. It felt terrible and uncomfortable not moving my body and exercising for two entire months! I am not into Extreme Body Workout - my gym routine (usually twice per week) consists of about 20-min cardio (aerobic) and 15-min weight-bearing exercise. In addition, my goal in exercise is not to lose weight for that attractive Beach Body, for example; rather it is for the good of long-term health. A healthy diet, exercise and getting good quality sleep are essential to good health, did you know?

Well, after two months of "inactivity", I have finally picked myself up to the gym two weeks ago. I still could not exert any strength with my right arm, but I could certainly start myself on the treadmill and start weight-bearing exercises for my left arm. My orthopedist did recommend some light twisting actions and extension exercises for my right arm; and I am gradually trying some of them.

It is subjective the "amount" of exercises that is deem sufficient. In my opinion, should be up to the individual's needs and wants. Some may be keen on a 90 Day Review Workout Systems to get best in shape in just 90 days; while others may want good shape in a holistic manner (with good inner health!).

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