Holiday Gift Ideas

Who still wears a watch these days? Want the time? Just look at your cell phone or ask the person beside you. Seriously, I am one who still does not use the most advanced cell phone and has gradually lost the urge to wear a watch. Get these gadget(s) away from me, except my computer! Yes, I get the time from my computer and that also explains how much time I spend in front of my computer! When I'm in the kitchen, I tell the time by the clock on the microwave. Not sure if there is anything to do with age but more precisely, it might be the unconscious need to stay away from "being in touch" via high-tech gadgets. Yes, work life has hurt in that sense. The cell phone reminds you of your boss; and a watch means deadlines!

Watches can also be a status symbol, just like the car you are driving. A fine quality watch with precise accurate mechanism can really represent who you are, especially when you are attending a important business meeting or a corporate function. Watches have become an accessory on top of being functional.

So, how about mens watches as gifts. Why not? I actually got my husband a sports watch as a birthday gift years ago. He prefers a sport watch as it is more durable and shock-resistant especially for sports. He can also watch the time during a workout or for a run.