Chinese Celery Stir-Fry Bell Peppers 香芹炒灯笼椒

Chinese Celery and Fragrant Tofu Salad 芹菜拌香干 is a Chinese (cold) appetizer I have always enjoyed. Seasoned with toasted sesame oil, sea salt and ground white pepper - it is a refreshing appetizer or side dish with rice or porridge. The Chinese celery sold in Asian (Chinese) supermarkets resembles a huge bunch of parsley cilantro or a slender version of the regular celery. Chinese celery is more often used in Southeast China and Taiwan where they are sometimes also known as Fragrant Celery 香芹, and typically finely diced to generously garnish (and flavor) soups.

Since the weather is chilly and cold right now, I am looking for warm dishes and avoiding cold appetizer side dishes (or salads). This Stir-Fry Chinese Celery with Bell Peppers 香芹炒灯笼椒 is created in the attempt to add to my repertoire of Chinese celery dishes other than salad and soup.

You need garlic, bell peppers, Chinese celery. Easy.

Seasonings is sea salt and ground white pepper and drizzles of sesame oil towards the end of cooking.

If you do not like celery due to it being strong-tasting, then Chinese celery taste even stronger. You can blanch it first before stir-frying to reduce the stir-frying time; at the same time, also reduces the strong-taste of the Chinese celery.

This dish is perfect with a warm bowl of congee during winter time.

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