- science, technology news, even online coupons

Good gracious! Reading this daily science news brought me back to work. Oh that self-cleaning glass and hey hello quantum wave-function! It is more than five years ago being surrounded by science, research and technology. Though it is not part of my job now, I do enjoy reading the latest science and technology news once in a while, not that it is my interest more so to open my mind in various aspects of events and happenings.

Recently, has started listing online coupons and discount promo codes such as Orbitz promo codes and Hotwire coupons. I am not an extreme coupon-er (are you? ) but truth be told, I do use coupons. If coupons can save money, why not? I use actual paper coupons as much as I can when I grocery shop e.g.. coupons that applies to items such as organic soy milk and cooking oil. I also use promo codes when shopping online including making hotel reservations and subscribing to magazines. In fact, I just called up a hotel in Vegas, quoted a special promo code (enclosed in a mail) and really...savings was up to 50% off the best available rates offered online. Looks like I can visualize where I will be spending after Christmas this year. It will probably be Las Vegas with the kind of travel savings.