Great Northern Beans 大北豆

The Great Northern Bean 大北豆 is a versatile bean (legume) since it is mild in taste yet absorb flavor rather well. These beans are good in one-pot soup such as this Mixed Beans Cabbage Soup and Mixed Beans Pork Bone Broth. These Great Northern Beans also form a great bean combo with the other milder beans like the Black Eyed Beans.

Great Northern Beans.

Great Northern Beans (source: Whole Foods Market)
...Think of these guys as big teddy bears; they're the largest commonly available white bean, but they're all soft and mild on the inside. Great Northerns make for delicious baked beans or add them to soups and stews with longer cooking times...

Great Northern Beans Nutrition (source:
...these beans are an excellent source of dietary fiber, and folate. Other vitamins in great northern beans include vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C....

I am sharing Great Northern Beans with December 2011 My Legume Love Affair - MLLA hosted by Kiran of SUMADHURA

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