Collard Greens with Krill, Mushrooms, Carrots

I love it when Whole Foods Market have their organic winter greens (kale, collard greens) on sale. Normally, a bunch will be $1.99; but during a sale event, it's 2 bunches for $3 (one for $1.50).

Spot the shrimps!

Having done kale and collard green stir-fries with garlic previously (and know it works well), this stir-fry is a more glorified version with mushrooms and carrots.

Collard Greens with Krill, Mushrooms and Carrots
In a pan of hot oil, saute 1tsp dried shrimps (or dried krill, as labeled in the Japanese grocery store; Note: Omit the krill if vegetarian), 1 tbsp finely diced onions, 1/2 carrot thinly sliced, then add 1tsp thinly sliced garlic, followed by 5-6 white mushrooms cleaned and sliced. Fry briskly till the mushrooms softened (about 5 mins) then add 6-8 collard greens (easily substituted with kale) thinly sliced - stems first, the leaves, fry briskly then cover the pan and allow low-medium heat steam to cook the veggies, about 8 mins. Add 1tbsp water if mixture is too dry and dash of cooking wine towards end of cooking for aroma. Sea salt and ground white pepper to taste.

Read more on dried shrimps and dried krill here.

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