Crispy Stuffed Eggplant "Gold Coins" - 炸茄子盒

My friend made these delicious fried Crispy Stuffed Eggplant 炸茄子盒 for lunch on the eve of Chinese New Year.

As soon as they were fried and plated, an auspicious symbolism came to mind. Golden good luck "coins" for the Lunar New Year!

More golden coins piling up for the Lunar New Year.

For Prosperity and Fortune; and "roundness" also for Togetherness and Reunion.

What exactly are these fried goodies? They are made using sliced eggplant stuffed with paste of ground chicken and shrimps, coated with batter and fried. For vegetarian version, the stuffing was mashed tofu.

Then dip in flour batter to coat and deep-fry till stuffing is cooked and batter is crispy. Glad to learn this new snack item and I shall attempt to cook it someday when it is deep-frying day (whenever that is, forever it will be).

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