Hairy Melon Stir-Fry with Dried Shrimps 清炒毛瓜

Look at the minuscule hair on this melon/squash! That's why it's called hairy melon! Or call it hairy cucumber.

Similar to winter melon, hairy melon-毛瓜 (Mo Gua) has white flesh (firmer than winter melon) and is relatively neutral in taste. Hairy melon works well in soups, steamed or stir-fried! For this Hairy Melon Stir-Fry with Dried Shrimps - 清炒毛瓜, the melon was thinly sliced so it cooks faster and allows flavors to be imparted more evenly and uniformly.

And the ingredients are pretty simple too! Garlic, dried shrimps, hairy melon (grated coarsely, or thinly sliced). A little soy sauce, and lots of ground white pepper to spice it up.

At the end, sea salt to taste.

This is truly a dish you can only find at home! It easily delivers comfort. Though it is not curry-type of dish, it can be equally satisfying with steamed rice.

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