Abalone, Cabbage, Chicken Noodle Soup鲍鱼白菜鸡丝面汤

Three simple ingredients - chicken, carrots and cabbage can make great tasting soup. Such is a soup that says home, comfort and warmth. As I have been cooking more chicken soups/broths more recently (for recovery/healing, for nourishment, as winter food, for boosting immunity), this regular soup base makes it easy for me to put together a flavorsome noodle soup like this Napa Cabbage and Carrot Noodle Soup with Abalone and Shredded Chicken 白菜鲍鱼鸡丝面汤

Abalone 鲍鱼 (Bao Yu) is another ingredient, popularly seen to be enjoyed during Chinese New Year as with its auspicious symbolism to prosperity. 鲍鱼 (Bao Yu) has the same pronunciation as 包 余 meaning abundance, having excess of good tidings such as happiness, prosperity, money.

Starting with an already cooked chicken stock/broth, carrots are added and when the soup is simmering, add the whitish firm parts of the napa cabbage. If you do not want the leaves of the napa cabbage to be overcooked, add them 15-20 minutes prior to finally turning off the heat before serving. Salt and white pepper to taste and garnish generously with finely chopped green onions and cilantro.

Add a few thinly sliced canned abalone and it brings home the savory taste of the sea - Abalone and Napa Cabbage Chicken Soup Noodle

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