Leeks with Chicken and Tofu Stir-Fry 青蒜鸡肉碎炒豆腐

This Leeks with Chicken and Tofu Stir-Fry 青蒜鸡肉碎炒豆腐 might look like a big unappealing mess but it's a mess of home-cooked comfort deliciousness. At least the flavors are appealing if not the looks.

Leeks 蒜 are popular during Chinese New Year having auspicious symbolism as leeks - 蒜 (suan in Mandarin; sng in Hokkien dialect which figuratively means "to be able to count"). Count the excess, count the money! It is just about one week to Chinese New Year. Any plans to cook leeks as a dish or as part of a dish?

Back to this Leeks with Chicken and Tofu Stir-Fry 青蒜鸡肉碎炒豆腐; not forgetting ginger, ginger and leek that start off as aromatics of the stir-fry, the other savory factors are derived from dried scallop and ground chicken, with the natural fresh leek flavors, all absorbed by tofu when cooked.

Along the way, splash of cooking wine and soy sauce for depth; finally salt and white pepper to taste. Some red chili flakes to spice it up.

Yes. If you are observant, there are broccoli stems in this stir-fry. This dish goes really well with rice or plain porridge.

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