Baby Spinach and Egg Scramble (Fritter)

I try hard to eat a good nutritious and hearty breakfast, though it is challenging to make that regular. :O How about you?

I call this "8-oz Baby Spinach, Dash of Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric Two-Eggs Scramble". If a recipe can be summarized in a sentence, it's really simple and definitely less than 10 minutes (prep. work and cooking time included).

Contrary to the typically moist egg scramble (with the addition of milk/cream and cheese), this version is the dry, slightly charred version towards the texture of egg fritters.

Spinach and Egg Scramble
Heat a little oil in a flat pan. Toast that pinch of cumin, then saute 1tsp finely chopped onions, with dash of ground coriander and turmeric. When aromatized, add in 1 pack 80z pre-washed organic baby spinach. Once the spinach starts to wilt, add in whisked egg (2 organic eggs) and make a scramble. Salt to taste.

Once the eggs are cooked, serve immediately.

Do you know? Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium. If you drink milk (cow, goat, soy or any milk that contains calcium), drink that in the day or before you head out under the sun. Then the sun's Vitamin D will help improve the calcium absorption within your body. In that direction of thought, eggs (which contain Vitamin D) should preferably be taken in the morning - where breakfast is usually oats/cereals with milk (calcium in milk, remember?). The Vitamin D in eggs helps calcium (in milk) to be readily absorbed by the body; plus the protein in eggs helps to keep us feeling full and satisfied longer.

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