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Dad is about bringing the bacon home and Mom, cooking the bacon? Ha! That is so not true. Dated. How about Dad bringing flowers back for Mom - you MUST read "411 Flower Etiquette" below.

The female shoppers look for great bargains and deals by zooming into promotions, discounts and coupons. That, is another misconception. The male shoppers do get equally excited with bargains and deals for electronics and computer software, isn't it. What Frugal Dad does different is that - not only it links you directly to coupons and deals, it also brings useful tips about a specific product item or brand. For example, Frugal Dad not only channels consumers to e-coupons that allow them to enjoy discounts up to 40% in home and home office laptops when they use the correct e-coupons on the products at specials , it also shares relevant product information, for example, how Lenovo as a brand, offers reliability and value in their products.

Reading Frugal Dad's post on Coupons and Deals made me realize I am not the only weird fellow around, hunting down good deals. I so agree with his view point on "coupons can lead to overspending" and yes, I do think exceptionally hard on those products/items I really need (then, finding coupons to possibly save money) vs using coupons for the sake of coupon savings (most times, these are items I want and don't need). Another post "Work Out Effective and Smart Couponing Strategy" offers practical tips for those generally budget-conscious.

Classifying coupons by major brands and major categories (e.g. Home and Garden - Apparel - Travel and Leisure - Books, Movies, Music - Gift, Novelty and Party) in the comprehensive coupon directory, also makes the site much more user-friendly especially for new visitors like myself. And now hear me out again - this site is NOT solely about coupons and deals.

What attracts me to the site is also the use of infographic in the blog postings. That is very creative in my opinion, and makes reading so much more insightful, interesting and fun. Being staged differently from other traditional coupon-saving sites, Frugal Dad has done exceptionally well and has been featured on The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and treeHugger.

I am not sure if I will visit this site regularly for coupons, but I am definite I will check out this site every day for its insightful blog postings.

Before I end, here's the 411 Flower Etiquette from Frugal Dad for you to enjoy.
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