Chinese Vegetables Superior-Broth Soup 上汤蔬菜

When it comes to winter, the body usually needs better blood circulation. Consuming warm fluids to facilitate good blood circulation is essential throughout the day, and soup is one of the sources to get "warm fluids" into the body; and especially when soup can be incorporated into our daily meals, it helps to keep us hydrated and warm inside. How do you keep yourself hydrated during cold and dry winter?

When a soup base or I call, broth of essence, is made from ikan bilis (Dried Anchovy), onion, garlic, ginger, dried scallops (conpoy), homemade chicken stock - it speaks downright comfort flavors no matter how plain it may look. Don't underestimate this plain-looking soup, looks can be deceiving.

I do consider this Chinese Vegetables Superior-Broth Soup 上汤蔬菜 made from superior broth/stock (上汤) as it combines the rich and umami flavors from the sea (dried anchovy, dried scallops) and chicken.

When the soup also incorporates vegetables e.g. Baby Choy Sum, Napa Cabbage, it speaks wholesomeness and nutrition. Though they are all vegetables, it is not vegetarian due to chicken stock, dried anchovy and dried scallops that are being used in cooking.

I am enjoying the soup and sharing it with Souper Sunday.

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