Trio of Vegetables Stir-Fry - a battle of veggies!

This is a trio of stir-fry vegetables (organic baby spinach, baby bok choy and cabbage). No, I did not fry them altogether in the same wok at the same time. Rather, the vegetables were stir-fried separately - first the baby bok choy with garlic and ginger (without the mushrooms and carrots this time); then the baby spinach with garlic, finally cabbage with green onions, garlic and ginger.

Being the only vegetable that deserves some caramelization, the cabbage was cooked last and via a slightly different frying technique (also a longer cooking time) compared to the other two more gently sauteed vegetables.

The cooking is usually the easy task. It's the prep. (cleaning, cutting, chopping etc.) that takes time. Do you have this habit of mise en place (making sure everything is in order) when you cook?

Mise en place

This plateful is two servings and together with steamed fish, a comforting dinner paired with plain porridge/congee.

I am planning to have warm soupy congee three times this week as the weather will be rather cold and damp.

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