Singapore Laksa Instant Gourmet Cheater Recipe 新加坡叻沙拉面

Leap Day (29th Feb 2012) today, leaving 2012 with 366 days!

Certainly I can choose this day to be lazy...super lazy. How about taking shortcuts in today's dish of the day? Yes, 7-minute Singapore Laksa 新加坡叻沙拉面 it shall be.

7-minute is what the Prima Taste package says. The laksa gravy that typically takes hours to prep. and cook, can now be completed in 7 minutes, or I'll give it 10, at most 15 min. Thanks to ready-made paste/pre-mix that comes with noodles. Yes, all in a pack, some say gourmet in a pack!

How does this sound?
- Gourmet Meal in 7 mins
- No MSG Added
- Steamed, Air-Dried Premium Noodle
- No Artificial Flavoring & Coloring
- No Added Preservatives

And this is my creation with thinly sliced radish, some baby arugula and ready-cooked egg (Note: radish and arugula can be taken raw, so the warm laksa gravy over these veggies works perfect, for example just to slightly wilt the arugula).

I am a sucker for laksa gravy anyway, not so much on the additional ingredients (prawns/shrimps, bean sprouts, etc.). But certainly, the luxury of a ready-cooked egg does it for me in dressing up this laksa completely.

And why not also pick this day to be different? I have earlier sent in my PPN entry: Supergreens Udon Soup to Ruth for this week's Presto Pasta Nights but since Presto Pasta Nights turns FIVE the same time, I am going to send in another entry - 7-minute Singapore Laksa.

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