Steamed Maine Lobsters with Ginger, Green Onions 姜葱蒸龙虾

I usually give those lobsters (imported from Brazil) in Costco a pass, especially when I see sulfite preservatives used.

However, on the left, are some lobsters that I could not resist when I saw them in Costco two weeks ago. Wild-caught Maine Lobsters - frozen and wild (without preservatives), these are Claw Island lobsters that some Costco stores are carrying.

It cost about $19 for two uncooked lobster tails (already cleaned); and no matter what, always cheaper to buy them and cook them at home rather than to order restaurant lobsters which easily cost up to $50-60.

To savor the sweet umami fresh lobster flavors, I turn to minimally prep. and cooked technique - STEAM method, with ginger, green onions and dash of cooking wine.

To me, steaming is the best way to go. Some lobsters how-to also suggest boiling the lobsters (just like how they prefer to boil Dungeness crabs and serve it chilled) but in my opinion, the process of boiling removes some good flavors from the lobsters. Steaming, on the other hand, cooks the lobster gently and retains most of the "juice", moisture and flavors.

Of course, there are other methods of cooking lobsters such as stir-frying with ginger and green onions (Chinese style) or baking with butter and/or cheese. Steaming happens to be my preferred go-to delicious and fuss-free route

Ginger, Green Onions Steamed Maine Lobsters 姜葱蒸龙虾
Verdict: Cooked to perfection (lobster shell turns to orangey-red!) in less than ~20 minutes of steaming, the taste was distinctly amazing - hint of seafood/lobster brininess with a mix of umami and sweet flavors of lobster flesh, and the springy texture of perfectly cooked lobsters.

Serve the steamed lobsters with some minimally dressed thin noodles (Capellini/Angel Hair) and steamed vegetables (e.g. broccoli or asparagus), and a lobster dinner is just about $12 per person.

Well, it is a lobster meal, so I consider it reasonably cheap.


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