A Watch or not?

This topic on wearing watches always makes me curious. Do you still wear a watch? I currently don't but I do, in the past. Watches were like accessories to me in the past. I remember going crazy over Swatch watches when I was still a student; and keeping a variety of leather-strapped or metallic-look watches that go in different style with work-wear of the day.
Maybe having to spend more time in the kitchen has deprived me the habit of wearing a watch, as I now need to keep my hands (fingers up to the wrists) relatively clean and "obstacle-free" in kitchen preparatory work that includes rinsing, chopping, slicing and marinating. So, speaks for a practical reason. Moreover, I now enjoy the privilege with "no time" (and therefore restrictions) strapped around my wrist. I give myself all the time I need in my favorite grocery store, unless I have an appointment to keep in the later part of the day.

Though there are other modes of telling time such as turning to the cell phone or smart phone (even the alarm clock is now not a clock but a smart phone!), a good quality watch has not lost its status as a meticulously crafted and designed time-piece that in many ways IS a status symbol; and for many others, a piece of easy mix-and-match accessory. Bluedial.com is an authorized reseller of some best watch brands such as Invicta watches, Skagen and Omega watches that are 100% brand new, authentic and genuine.