Fried Spiced Crispy Skin Salmon - 香煎脆皮三文鱼

I actually fried these! Yes, with the intention of getting super crispy skin for these salmon fish fillets-turned-sticks.

For fish without skin, you can do battered-fried fish fillets or fish sticks like this Cod Fish Sticks or Fish Fingers.

Pan-Fried Spiced Crispy Skin Salmon - 香煎脆皮三文鱼
 The frozen salmon fillet thawed then sliced and lightly seasoned with masala , turmeric , paprika, a little salt, then pan-fried skin-on-side-down on my cast iron skillet.

Well, I did get crispy skin for these four fish sticks or "fingers" (sliced from one frozen fillet). Wonderful!

But the kitchen (and me) smell, as if I have been cooking for one whole day. Not so wonderful.

Then I concluded that the "frying" work was not so worth it after all.

Without good proper ventilation (a.k.a kitchen with windows, OR a real fume hood that vents to outside the house), minimal frying is necessary to prevent the whole house (and me) smelling like fried fish the whole day! :O

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