Steamed Savory Pumpkin Kuih (Cake) - 蒸金瓜糕

One of my Mom's friends makes the best homemade Savory Pumpkin Kuih (Cake). It has been some time since I have it.

I started this craving again when I saw similar savory kuih at Anncoo Journal and Little Corner of Mine. Hmmmm...why not I make my own? I am playing with fire since FLOUR is involved. For those of you who thinks I am exaggerating, I am not. In my zone, playing with flour is playing with fire.

Indeed, I did not succeed though I don't classify as TOTAL FAILURE. I adapted the traditional pumpkin kuih recipe by using alternatives and estimation. Did I hear - with flour, one must be exact? That is why baking is not for me cos' I do not even have a kitchen scale (it's true!) to measure. I go with best ESTIMATE.

Look at that 380% Vitamin A. WOW!

(1) I used pumpkin puree from a can instead of fresh pumpkin

(2) Used barley flour instead of rice flour
(3) Used whole wheat flour instead of plain flour
(4) Estimated 150g rice flour to 1 tbsp plain flour with 6 tbsp: 1tbsp barley flour:whole wheat flour ratio

Alas, the texture of my pumpkin kuih did not turn out perfect. The perfect texture should be softly firm but mine was soft to the verge of collapsing. Did you have any kitchen/cooking mishaps recently?

Luckily the taste was not horribly wrong but with somewhat failed texture, some rescue action had to be implemented so that I don't have to eat so much of the "failed" kuih.

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