ADT Home Security System

We are seeing more ADT alarm systems being installed in the homes of our neighborhood and nearby hoods. As America's #1 home security provider, ADT Home Security protects the home and family by providing an extensive network of security monitoring from several strategic command centers throughout the United States.
Using advanced security technology and service, it is not surprising that more and more families choose ADT for its effective functions and features such as Reliable 24-Hour Monitoring, Rapid Alarm Response and Effortless Home Security System Control.

We realized the "handicap" of our current home especially when we were frequently traveling in the last few months. It was really inconvenient to ask our friend to drop by our home and make sure everything was in place (e.g. make sure the door was locked and house was not broken into, and ensure that no local "ponding" or flooding has taken place in the garage as we did not turn off the gas/water tank and heater). We could have installed ADT and set a 24-hour alarm monitoring that protects the home from burglary and other home emergency monitoring. ADT security system also provides the option for fire / smoke, carbon monoxide. Instead of asking our friend to physically drive by our place (how inconvenient!), we could also have given him the option to use the one-touch keypad to arm and disarm the alarm system, or we make use of ADT Pulse to control the security system from cell phone anywhere we were. In the long term, a reliable security system is one of the best family investments.