Turmeric Lemongrass Chicken 姜黄香茅炒鸡肉

Admit it. Assuming the same cooking technique, chicken breast can never turn out as moist or as juicy as chicken wings or drumsticks and thigh meat. Of course, I do understand what does it means when chicken breast turns out too dry.

Earlier, I had bookmarked Little Inbox's Lemongrass and Turmeric Chicken as the idea of lemongrass and turmeric in the dish was appealing; and it seems to be an easy dish to put together.

Gave the recipe a slight tweak by adding a little tomatoes (as I had part of a tomato left, after using it in another dish). Indeed, I was not wrong. I enjoyed the flavor combination, especially how the lemongrass imparts citrus notes.

As this dish has not much gravy, it was a good match and pairing with wholesome congee made using barley and quinoa, and sweet potatoes .

Some steamed broccoli, lemongrass chicken, and barley-quinoa congee make a comfy homey meal for me.

What is your regular meal menu for the week ? A spread of simple dishes or a one-dish, one-pot?

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