A better channel variety with Direct TV

I remembered that when I first moved to the United States, one of the things I missed was Chinese/Mandarin TV shows, be it drama, documentary and variety shows. In my first rental apartment, the leasing office allowed installation of a satellite dish as long as nothing was drilled into the roof or walls. We got ready a tripod-like stand in the apartment balcony and in a short time, had direct tv satellite installed.
After the satellite was adjusted and attuned to the channels that I paid for, and when I successfully received those channels, I started enjoying this simple "luxury". They were not the same Chinese/Mandarin channels I watched back home in Singapore but it was better as they were my favorite TVB channels with dramas and variety shows.

Since we moved to the second rental, we did not continue directtv service anymore as we rented a small apartment unit from a private owner (his home), and did not have the liberty to do that. There is a variety of channels packages currently offered by www.dx3.net including Entertainment, Choice, Choice Xtra, Choice Ultimate and Premium, a better variety than what we have last time. So if you are a huge sports fan or enjoy premium entertainment, you can certainly get very good deals now.

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