See's Candies Mother's Day Gifts

In conjunction with Mother's Day, See's Candies is offering beautiful and elegant Mother's Day Gifts such as the Keepsake Collection, Keepsake Box and Petite Keepsake Box. Not only is the gift-wrapping beautiful and nicely-themed, the Assorted Chocolates and Blueberry Truffles , for example, are such yummy treats for Moms. As all said, pretty to see, yummy to eat - perfect!
Of course, if your Mom is not easily wow-ed by pretty packaging, but is a gourmet when it comes to food, go ahead and pick your Mom's favorites by creating a custom mix box. Mom likes mint but I do not want her to have them too sweet, so the Dark Peppermint it shall be, a balance of both our desires. Mom will always share her chocolates, so I can even pick a few of my own favorites and get to enjoy my favorites when she shares her chocolates around. The 1-lb custom mix box should be just right for sharing the joy in a small family.

In addition to showing appreciation to Mom, don't forget your teachers! The neatly-designed Thank-You box (choice of Assorted Chocolates or Nuts & Chews) aptly conveys the message of recognition and appreciation to your teacher(s).