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One of the major differences in the fact(s) of life after we moved to the United States was the importance of credit score here. In most parts of Asia, a credit score scale or rating is uncommon. But it is very different in the US. A credit score, especially a low score, can make or break your day. It even deters you from purchasing a house due to the very unfavorable mortgages rates that the bank is going to quote you if your credit score is low. This makes it a case of whether it makes sense to buy the house rather than if it is affordable to buy the house.

A credit score in the United States is a number representing how credit-worthy a person is - the ability or likelihood that person will timely pay his or her debts. It is a scale or rating that lenders look at then assess how a person's finances are conducted, how timely are (previous) loan payments and end of the day, helps lenders determine how risky it is to lend. But, unlike many other loans such as mortgage and auto loans that need to run credit checks on applicants, payday loan does not need to go through this step. Even if you have a bad credit (low credit score rating), you qualify for payday loans at, with instant approval and fast payment, as long as you have a steady income, a checking or saving account and maybe a few good references.

Payday loan is a term that I never really understood till I read more from the site. It is a short-term loan advanced through a payday loan provider to cover expenditures in-between pay periods for various reasons, including medical bills, car repairs and other unexpected expenses. The key word, is of course - unexpected. For regular planned expenditures, it is always good not to take up any loans. Plan wisely and go a long way.

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