HappyCall Pan (HCP) Fried Rice

Guess what I brought back from my recent Singapore trip? A HappyCall Pan(HCP), with compliments from Mom. :)

The HappyCall Pan is a pan (not an electric appliance), so there were no worries about me having voltage/power issues over in the US.

Well, I know that gas stove is like the norm in Singapore home kitchens; likewise, the HCP demo on TV is mainly using the pan over the gas stove. So another concern was using the pan over an electric stove, as most rental apartments here in the Bay Area, California is "furnished" with an electric stove in the kitchen - I do not fancy electric stove but no choice. So, HCP on the electric stove - Does it work? Will it work?

It worked. But deep inside me, I knew the heat generated and control from the electric vs gas stove; is different.

I started with something easy. Fry some leftover rice or rather, leftover quinoa, to test the "heat".

Initially, the heat was set to low and it seems nothing was cooking, or even heating up. Then the dial on the stove was adjusted to medium before cooking started. So I guess medium-low (rather than low-medium) or medium should be the ideal spot for this pan.

What shall I cook next?

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