Chive and Egg-Drop Soup - 韭菜蛋花汤

You think that making dumplings is a chore (it does take some time up-front esp. the wrapping part).  Think again. The dumplings can be made ahead and frozen, so it can be a time-saver if you prepare and plan well. When hunger calls, just boil water or broth and boil the frozen dumplings to cook.

So well, you still think it is a chore. Here comes a quickie Chive and Egg-Drop Soup - 韭菜蛋花汤to the rescue. Especially for vegetarians who would like to derive the chives benefits, you should consume them not as herbs/garnish but as a vegetable.

Chive and Egg-Drop Soup 韭菜蛋花汤
1 small bunch chives, sliced to finger-length, 1-2 egg whisked, salt, ground white pepper, 3-4 tiny drops of toasted sesame oil.

Boil some water in a pot. Add in chives and when they start to wilt, lower the heat and gently stir in the whisked eggs (Note: drawing the number eight 3-4 times in the pot to create the egg-drop). Turn off the heat. Salt and ground white pepper to taste. Few drops of sesame oil for aroma.

Simple it might look, never under-estimate the flavors of chives. Sharing this soup with Souper Sunday

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