Seaweed Infused Five-Spice Soy Tofu 自制香味豆干

I prefer seaweed such as nori and wakame to hijiki. Yes, not a fan of this wriggly worm-like seaweed. The pack of dried hijiki seaweed in the pantry is still sitting there. One day, I had this aha moment in the process of marinating tofu. Maybe I should add some hijiki seaweed to infuse some smoky flavor to the tofu marinade of soy sauce, white pepper, five-spice powder, cloves and star anise.

Hijiki-Infused Five-Spice Soy-Sauce Marinated Tofu 自制香味豆干
Prepare a marinade of soy sauce, ground white pepper, five-spice powder, cloves and star anise. Add firm tofu pieces in the marinade, making sure the tofu pieces are evenly coated with marinade, also rehydrate hijiki seaweed in marinade at the same time so that the marinade gets some smoky flavor. Allow tofu to sit in this marinade for at least an hour.

Before pan-frying or use, make sure the tofu are pat-dry.

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