Spiced Tomato Sardines Fried Rice 辣味番茄沙丁鱼炒饭

The wok, sighted with gravy remnants, after cooking sardine curry; so I decided to do this.

Toss in some leftover rice, and let the rice do its "soaking" act.

The rice naturally "cleans" up the wok by absorbing the remaining gravy in the wok.

With similar line of thought, you can now intentionally leave behind some gravy in the wok/pan when cooking curry; and if you have rice cooked on the same day or better still...leftover rice, you can turn it into fried rice! A frugal transformation.

Hey, thinking about this, isn't this similar to tossing partially cooked pasta into the sauce to let it finish cooking in the sauce, absorbing flavors of the sauce at the same time ?

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