The Stainless Steel Store

Ever since there were reports on Teflon coating in non-stick cookware that is found to release one or more different toxic gases when heated to certain (usually high) temperatures; and these toxic gases may be harmful to the body when ingested one way or another, I have stopped using non-stick cookware in my kitchen and re-stocked with stainless steel cookware - to err on the side of caution. The Blomus Stainless Steel Hot Plate will be perfect for summer outdoor cooking, isn't it so?

Even without high temperature cooking, I have since also developed a liking for the look of sleek and sturdy stainless steel design/construction with the preference over less-hardy looking "plastic". Just look at the blomus range of stainless steel cooking and dining accessories - for example, Blomus Stainless Steel Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shaker Set and Blomus Stainless Steel Matte Cheese Slicer. I have been searching for a reliable cock-screw type wine opener and the Blomus Stainless Steel Waiter's Friend looks perfect with a perfect price of $6.20 + free ground shipping. I am so getting this.

Whether it is for the outdoor, work place, family room, entertainment or kitchen, The Stainless Steel Store is well-stocked with all that you want. There are also gift certificates that make a perfect present for your friends, family, and business associates.