Parchment Baked Trout En Papillote

It was not too long ago that I tried trout for the first time. Oh, I fell in love and gone trout-crazy, I say. In one of Dr.Oz shows, trout was also suggested as an alternative to salmon for Omega-3, how good can that be?

Trout-crazy that I bought four~five whole trouts (usually sold in one pack in Costco, for about less than $15) at one time and had three whole fishes at one go, shared with the other half at home.

I have also tried the farm-raised trout sold in Whole Foods Market. Due to the size difference (trout sold in WholeFoods Market is much smaller in size), the texture of the fish is also a tad different - the flesh of the trout in WholeFoods has a finer texture compared to the one sold in Costco. However, both taste equally delicious when cooked the simplest way.

Steaming! Yes! But I steam them in wrapped parcels (en papillote -style) to retain the moisture. I also like that Whole Foods Market already have the trout, butterflied but kept the fish as whole.

When I return home, all I need to do is to start stuffing/seasoning and cooking the whole fish!

Steamed/Baked Trout - En Papillote
Kept seasoning to the minimum as well. Salt, pepper and cooking wine to rub on (and inside of) the fish before cooking. Stuff the fish with lots of garlic and green onions. Place a few thin slices of ginger with the fish in the parcel. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil. Cook (steam) for 12mins or cook (bake, en pappilite) at 350-375F for about 12-15mins, for smaller-size trout.

Of course, I also tried the "bake/roast" cooking method (do not wrap with parchment paper) to crisp up the fish skin and it is equally good!

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